Being a student can be stressful, hectic, fun and also cost you a pretty penny! Your student card with that less-than-flattering photo can be a lifesaver, offering a lot of deals on the things that matter.

So here is what you need to know about all the free student discounts that are at your fingertips.

How to Make The Most of Your UK Student Discount

Before you jump in to find the best websites to get freebies, here are our tips to make the most of your free student discount:

  • Carry your student card everywhere, always! Even when you go abroad you can still use student discounts in a variety of museums, shops and events so stop forgetting it in your room and start showing it off.
  • Always ask if a shop has a student discount. We know it can be awkward, but do you really want to pay full price when you could have gotten a massive discount?
  • Merge student discounts with deals. You don’t have to choose between one or the other: in most cases, you can stack up and get amazing savings.

Ready to find the top student deals and free discounts in the UK? Here are the best student discount websites, cards and apps to keep an eye on.

Best Student Discount Websites

Save The Student

Save The Student is a regularly updated directory of free student discounts from retailers and brand names across the UK. The discounts are split into categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for or compare between available deals. If it’s your first time making use of your student freebies, check out the “Best Student Discounts” section to learn just how much you could be saving up!

Student Discount – nhsDiscounts

If you want to dig a little deeper than just big brands then this is the website for you. Student Discount includes the biggest savings from UK students, from hip outlets to the little guys.

You are bound to love it since it doesn’t require signing up, nor do you get spam emails. It’s a massive time saver and if any of your family members or friends are key workers or work for the NHS they can get in on the deals too!

Student Money Saver

Student Money Saver is the holy grail of the latest UK student discounts, deals and free goodies. They even include sections on ways to make money as a student and plenty of advice regarding student finance. Our tip: remember to check their travel section before you start planning your next getaway, it has everything you could ever need to save up on your holidays.

Student Pocket Guide

The Student Pocket Guide is a website for students with features and news articles as well as deals and competitions. The best part about it is you can filter any current discounts by location and category. This way you won’t ever have to hear the dreaded words “Oh, that deal is only available in certain stores”. Planning on going out for drinks? They have that covered: just select the ‘Food & Drink’ category and they will let you know which bars and pubs have discounts in your area!

Amazon Prime Student

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a pure student discount website, but we couldn’t overlook it. Amazon offers students a range of perks including six months of free one-day delivery, Amazon music and video streaming as well as photo storage. It costs £3.99 a month or £39 a year for membership but students can get a free six-month trial. Just don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to be charged after the six months end.

Student Discount Apps

Student Beans

If you’ve not heard of Student Beans you have probably been living under a rock (no offence). With over 10,000 free student discounts, deals and competitions, it’s a massive student loyalty platform that gives you exclusive discounts on the brands they love. By signing up to the app on the Student Beans website for free you gain instant access to a wide range of discounts, wherever you go. lets you know which products come with discounts, as well as which brands are currently on sale or have offers, plus which discount codes you need. You can find the latest UK student discounts and money off a range of products through the website, but we would strongly recommend getting the free app. The Student Discount app collects and creates student discounts tailored to you, so you don’t miss out on any deals on things you love.


With more than 20 million members, UNiDAYS is the world’s largest student affinity network. The app is free to sign up to and is updated with thousands of student offers daily, along with helpful tools to support almost every aspect of your student experience, from fitness packages to career-launching skills. Getting student discounts online is effortless, all you need is your academic email address to create an account and then apply the various discount codes to websites at the checkout. These exclusive discounts are available for sixth form, college and university students. 


Grabble was created to help you save money on your favourite fashion and homeware brands. You can scroll through the app’s fashion pages and once you see something you like, swipe right. When this item is discounted, Grabble will let you know. Getting your free student discounts as soon as they are available is really that simple!

Student Discount Cards


The TOTUM card offers hundreds of UK student discounts on big and small brands, including deals on eating out, fashion, travel, fitness and more.

The card is available in various plans starting with TOTUM digital, which is free, to the premium TOTUM student membership that also comes with PASS-approved proof of age student ID. With the proof of age card, you can keep your driver’s license and other ID safely at home when you’re going out.


The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) ensures that you will never lose your student card again. Their virtual card allows you to have instant student verification on your phone, wherever you go, while also accessing exclusive UK student discounts and codes across the globe.

Not a full-time student? Don’t worry: you can apply to The International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) and access a set of deals tailored to you.

If you’re an apprentice, check out the NUS Apprentice Extra Card to enjoy free student discounts as well.

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