These are our 7 Bed Student Houses in Chester

Our modern and stylish 7-bed accommodation is perfect for those who enjoy living in a large household. Whether you’re a single student or you want to live with your mates, we have a range of accommodation perfectly suited for everyone. 

We make sure our Hoots accommodation is modern and up to the task of housing students with many needs including fast and reliable wifi.

Located in and around the University of Chester district, you’ll be able to get close to the action of both the city centre and the university. 

All our accommodations are fitted with a flat-screen TV, kitchen and fridge freezer. Because of the number of residents, we’ve doubled our cookers, hobs and sinks to two to avoid causing unwanted tension between friends. We also provide a shared bathroom and shower facilities alongside our shared kitchen space. 

Some of our larger accommodations also provide parking facilities for a small number of cars, so you’ll be able to bring your vehicle and safely park it away from campus. 

You’ll find a double bed within your private bedroom along with a large wardrobe, chest of drawers, a desk and chair to enable you to continue your studies from the comfort of your room. You’ll also have the space to decorate your room to help you make the transition to university more comfortable. 

You’ll be able to access your accommodation easily via public transport or foot making it perfect for those who want to stay close to the action and campus.

We also offer our accommodation to young professionals who need a place to stay in the city. 

Get in touch with our friendly team for more information or pop by to our office located on Garden Lane and speak to one of our teams face to face. Take a look at our available 7-bed accommodation above to see what’s on offer. 

In your bedroom, you’ll find a double bed, storage facilities such as a wardrobe and a desk to allow you to keep studying away from campus and without distraction. Make your room unique by using the provided wall space to put up pictures of your friends and family and anything that reminds you of home. 

As there will be six of you within the accommodation, we’ve provided you with 2 hobs, 2 ovens and 2 sinks. This will help to avoid any clashes with roommates and enable you to cook safely and comfortably. 

All our 6-bed accommodation is located in the city of Chester and is easily accessible by public transport and by foot. 

Our accommodation is also available for young professionals working within the city and who need a cheap but stylish place to stay. 

Take a look at our 6-bed accommodation Chester student accommodation above or get in touch with our friendly team. If you fancy a one on one chat, just pop along to our office and speak to our team.