These are our 9 Bed Student Houses in Chester

Here at Hoots our accommodation is designed for students and young professionals alike. We aim to provide accommodation that we would have liked to rent during our time at university. 

Our 9-bed accommodation is perfect for large groups of friends who want to live with each other throughout their university time. Our accommodation is located in and around Chester and is perfect for students who are studying at the University of Chester. 

Private accommodation offers students space and freedom away from the university campus and gives them more control over their time at university. 

Hoots 9-bed accommodation isn’t just for friends, solo students are welcome to live in our houses as well and this provides a great opportunity to meet new people and make some new friends. Hoots accommodation is perfect for everyone. 

All our accommodation provides tenants with a flat-screen TV and fast and reliable wifi service so you can stream services without interruption. All your builds are included in your weekly rent so you can live comfortably without any worries. 

You’ll be within walking distance to the University of Chester so you’ll never be late to lectures again. You’ll also have access to the city centre so meeting friends and coursemates has never been easier. 

Our accommodation is equipped with a flat-screen TV, cooker and hob and a fridge freezer so you’ll be able to cook and watch Netflix at no additional cost. Because they’ll be 9 tenants living in the accommodation, we’ve doubled our basic facilities including fridge, cooker and sinks to allow for plenty of space for you and your housemates. There are shared facilities such as toilets and shower rooms but these are modern and designed to cope with the 8 am shower rush. 

Parking is available at some of our larger accommodations and they’ll be on-street parking at an additional cost so you can have the convenience of having your car for day trips outside of Chester. 

Your room is a double so you’ll find a comfortable large bed and wardrobe. We’ll also provide you with a desk and chair so you can continue your studies away from campus and distractions. You can also personalise your accommodation by using our dedicated area for photos and posters. Make your new accommodation feel like home. 

Get in touch with our team for more information about our 9-bed accommodation in Chester.